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Who Improves Safety?

Improving safety is not magic.

Logically speaking, your safety results are driven by the behaviors of people (workers, supervisors, managers AND executives). The environment that people are in is what causes them to say and do certain things (behaviors).

The leaders in your organization at all levels, are the ones who create the environments in which people work.

The responsibility of improving safety is not just for people who work on the front lines.

Over the years, I’ve had literally hundreds of VPs, EVPs, Presidents, and CEOs use my resources and find them valuable…not to mention the supervisors, superintendents, and managers.

The reason is that it’s not only about safety on the front lines – it’s about behavior change…and that’s a large part of what leadership is about.

Furthermore, leaders and executives who are on-site AND off-site (all of them, not just HR and Safety) have huge impact on site operations and site-safety practices … it’s the decisions that leaders make which creates the environment that on-site workers find themselves operating in.

In order to get different results, you must change those environments. You can do that through safety engineering, and procedures and processes, and getting people to follow those procedures is the hard part…

…but the good news is that there is a science of behavior that can guide us in this quest for injury reduction. You can use this science of behavior to improve your leadership practices at all levels of your company.

If you continue doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. If you want to make meaningful change, learn the science of behavior to create the environment your workers need to succeed.

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