My Anxious Dog

My dog is super anxious and basically afraid of everything. In our neighborhood, I’m sure she is widely known as a jerk (some would use stronger words, no doubt).  Despite the fact that she is under 20 pounds, there are certain dogs and people “she goes Cujo on” as they calmly walk by. She is […]

Call. Don’t Email.

I’ve seen many impressive leadership improvement projects over the years, solving what appear to be intractable problems at first glance. It’s often the simplest solutions that are the most surprising and effective. One executive we worked with was managing a globally distributed team that continued to grow over time.  He felt the team had become […]

Why Do People Do What They Do?

You’re at work. You find out that someone on your team who reports to you failed to do what they were supposed to do.  Again. It’s a leader who agreed to coach his team, but he prefers to stay in his office and let them “have their freedom” instead. He “doesn’t want to micromanage them.” […]

See Anything RED?

Look around for something red right now in your environment.  As you focus your search, you might be surprised how many red things there are around you right now…things you didn’t see a minute ago! What we choose to focus on changes what we give attention to in the world. In some ABA agencies, the […]