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No matter what industry you are operating in, leadership has daily challenges.

There is no rulebook. In fact, there are thousands of leadership books out there and many of them recommend different practices or theories.

It can be very confusing.

I think you need to have a way of separating the fluff from the real stuff, and I have a free resource available today to help you with this!

Details are below; keep reading.

For me, that way has been to make sure it is science-based. I’m talking about advice on leadership practices that have been shown in studies MANY TIMES to produce improvements…not just those interesting one-off quirky behavior change experiments you hear about online.

If you’re going to invest your time in trying something new, it better work.

That’s why my focus is always on bringing you the best practices that research has repeatedly demonstrated will help you produce the change and deliver the results you want at work.

As many of you know, I recently released a book on this topic, spelling out some of the most reliable strategies for improving results in organizations. You can buy it on Amazon or by emailing me.

However, I’m very excited that today…the FREE audio version of that book is available below.

It describes many evidence-based strategies to help you improve your leadership and the leadership of your teams.

For example, there are LOTS OF DATA to show that…

…giving people choice,

…asking them open-ended questions,

…having dialogue and two-way conversations,

…creating a psychologically safe place for people to say what is on their minds

…behaviorally pinpointing what you want to see from yourself and others,

…setting clear and behavioral expectations,

…agreeing on measures of success,

…delivering frequent behavioral feedback, and

…leveraging your strong relationships with people to praise, recognize, and reinforce improvements…

gives you the best results.

…and yet, we sometimes resort to threats and undo much of the good stuff that is created in the practices above.

Did you know that research studies estimate that for every 1 negative statement you make, 4 positive statements are required to bring the relationship back to neutral??

If you find yourself or others in your organization doing more threat and negativity than you’d like, then take a close look at the environment you’ve created for yourself and them and make a change.

If you’d like to learn more about how to help yourself and others to do this, then please download my free audiobook here! You can also share this link with anyone who might be interested in the audiobook, and they can have it for free, too.

Future you will be grateful!

Thanks for reading –


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