One way to improve praise

This season is

This season is about giving… what better a thing to give than the gift of praise and encouragement?

Letting someone know you care about them and appreciate them goes a lot farther than you might think.

But what’s the best way to deliver your message of appreciation?

Well, I came across a great article in Inc. Magazine on how we can deliver praise so that it’s most memorable.

…so I thought I’d add it to this discussion of the power of praise and gratitude on the person delivering it.

The article gives a tip on delivering your praise or “compliment” so it has maximum impact…

According to the author Bill Murphy Jr., “it’s all about preparing the other person to expect your compliment, and framing it in the right way.”

“For example, you might use a variation of these six words: “You might not know this, but…” That short phrase is packed with meaning. It starts with “you,” so it impresses that the other person in the conversation is also the subject of the conversation.

It also implies that you’re about to share new knowledge that the other person isn’t aware of yet. And the inclusion of …”but” suggests that the information will contradict a previous assumption.”

So, it’s about the delivery. AND, let’s not forget that to have the biggest impact on behavior, it should be based on actions you’ve seen them do and it should be as immediate as possible…don’t wait.

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