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My Two-Day Streak

I don’t know about you, but I often have a hard time holding together my healthy habits in the Fall, as the weather gets colder. 

This is especially true around Thanksgiving and the other holidays. 

…so I’ve been on a workout break for about 4 weeks.

Today was different, though.

Today was my two-day streak.

“Big deal”, you might be thinking…2 days…really?

Well, yes, it IS kind of a big deal. Let me explain. 

When I was on a ZERO-day streak last week and adding gravy to everything in sight, that was worse than where I am now (from a healthy habits perspective).

It wasn’t just 2 days worse, it was part of the momentum I had built up. Each day it gets harder and harder to break that downward spiral.

Now, things are different. Two days means I am on an upward spiral. The momentum has shifted in favor of healthier habits. This is why it is important to celebrate small wins and recognize improvement. This is so important that I have an entire book chapter on this topic in my new book – download the chapter on recognizing improvement for free here.

Unfortunately, we’re not very good at doing this for our teams at work. We recognize people for home runs, not for being a consistent deliverer or improving performer. We want a big change…NOW. 

It’s fine to be demanding and have high standards. That’s not my point. On the other hand, if one of your team members improves by just 1% every day for a year, they are 37x better by the end of the year. THIRTY-SEVEN TIMES. 

Furthermore, those consistent daily practices make it more likely that you will have a breakthrough (e.g., homerun), people think you are more competent, they trust you more, and they are more likely to go above and beyond when you ask them to do something for you (dive deeper on this topic here).

Do you have a two-day streak to celebrate?

Does someone on your team or at your company have one?

How could you find out?

What could you do to make them feel supported when you do find out?

Are you spending most of your time trying to recognize people who hit occasional home runs?

How could you better recognize the consistent performers, who are always improving little by little?

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