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Great Leaders Do These 5 Things

One of the key roles of a leader is to create a reinforcing environment. Creating a reinforcing environment creates a situation where people work hard, challenge themselves and each other, grow, and deliver amazing results.

…That’s what we all want, I think…we all want to succeed…and that’s what positive reinforcement does for us.

This all sounds very simple, but unfortunately, it is not.

In fact, most people are surprised when they discover what this all really means.

…When I first started learning about behavioral science around 1988, I thought reinforcement was a thing. In my mind, it was something given to people in exchange for engaging in some behavior.

…over the years, I have discovered that it is something else entirely, and it’s effectiveness dramatically varies based on the strength of the relationship between the reinforcement giver and receiver.

… its effectiveness also varies depending on how the reinforcement is delivered. I’m not just focused on the words you use at the time of reinforcement delivery. I’m talking about creating an environment that produces amazing performance, culture, and teams over long periods.

We know how to help leaders do this, and I’ve published many papers and talks on this topic.

Check out my blog pages here and here….and my YouTube page here.

I teach these concepts in my Behavioral Science for Leaders courses by coaching leaders to find something they would like to improve and then to follow a 5-step process and run a short project to produce a measurable change.

A single project cannot change your culture, of course. But once you educate your strongest leaders on this approach, and they start using it for everything and asking their teams to use it too…then WATCH OUT.

My new book goes into depth on how I teach this 5-step process, and there are free resources and worksheets you can use to try it out on your own.

If you aren’t sure about buying and reading the book…

…and you want to learn more about the 5-step process – I will soon have a free audio version of the book,

But in the meantime, you can download a free chapter here.

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