Results by John Austin, PhD

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Who Improves Safety?

Improving safety is not magic. Logically speaking, your safety results are driven by the behaviors of people (workers, supervisors, managers AND executives). The environment that people are in is what causes them to say and do certain things (behaviors). The leaders in your organization at all levels, are the ones who create the environments in […]

Better Results

This week, I am sharing a podcast that I am proud of.  Matt Cicoria does such a great job on this podcast. If you’d like to hone your behavioral skills and knowledge, check out some other episodes too. It was great to speak to Matt on the Behavioral Observations Podcast – he’s an excellent interviewer […]

Ben Franklin

Adults love to complain about teenagers. “You’ve got a teenager? …oh, they are a lot to handle.” Or, “They never listen.” When I teach my Behavioral Science for Leaders courses, some leaders will even go so far as to swear that “behavior change techniques don’t work on teens.”  *not true, by the way. It’s true, […]

Failing Less Starts With More Honest Feedback

Frustrated? Research conducted some years ago suggested that 75% of organizational initiatives fail. I created an 8-minute video to talk about why this is the case. …But there is another reason that I want to discuss today. Most organizational initiatives require an enormous amount of resourcing from people, equipment, and even consultants. Big decisions such […]

My Two-Day Streak

I don’t know about you, but I often have a hard time holding together my healthy habits in the Fall, as the weather gets colder.  This is especially true around Thanksgiving and the other holidays.  …so I’ve been on a workout break for about 4 weeks. Today was different, though. Today was my two-day streak. […]

A No-Blame Society

Imagine there was no blame in the world. …that we didn’t even know the concept of blaming another person for doing something wrong. …that when someone did something wrong, we didn’t focus our inquiry on them, but on other things. How would that change the way we work? How would it change our leadership? How […]

Feedback Is Not What You Think

When it comes to giving corrective feedback, there is a lot of confusion and debate over what works. Some people even say that we should not get or seek corrective feedback, but only positive feedback on what we are already good at doing. I disagree with that approach, but I also think there are problems […]

Are They Rolling Their Eyes at You?

A client I once worked for had regular conference calls where executives shared information with hundreds of leaders who were all on the call at once. One day, a group of people at a site were on the call all sitting around the speakerphone listening. One person made a smart crack about something the COO […]

The Screamer

I had a boss once who was a screamer. …It was like those letters from Harry Potter, except he was right in your face. It would usually happen when he thought people had agreed to complete something and they didn’t. Although it didn’t feel good, I don’t hold it against him – he was seeing […]

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Today, it seems more and leaders I work with feel overwhelmed. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to get everything done. … they feel like they are being asked to do “more with less” … they are being told that strong leaders work until the job is done, even if that’s 60 hours […]